So you can keep doing what you do best!

Let's face it - you started your business because you LOVE what you do. I did the same thing! As I am sure you are experiencing, I quickly found out I was spending all of my time trying to run the business and not doing what I love to do - creating what I LOVE to create. 
I specifically want to help makers, creatives, artists, all the people who make things do what they love to do and still run a business selling their products. I am combining 20+ years of corporate marketing experience and 4+ years of running Buffalo Seven to be a  "marketer for makers." Not a makers, but still need some marketing help? I can still help you! Keep scrolling down friend

Looking for B7's shop?


These are some of the most comonly asked for services. Need something else? Jusy shoot me a message and we will figure it out!

Laptop Writing

Website Design

Custom website design includes:

  • Discovery meeting - let's get on the same page so your website is exactly what you need for your business 

  • Fully branded website including images, typography, & color

  • Contact & newsletter forms

  • Basic SEO intergration

Custom quotes are available. Please contact us through the link below and we will get you started. ​


Brand Design

This is more than *just* a logo! This is WHO YOU ARE! It tells your story through images and colors. Consistently. 


  • Discovery meeting: Let me get to know you and what your business represents.

  • Custom mood board

  • Logo design (.eps, .pdf, .jpg, and .png files provided)

  • Colors, fonts, and additional brand related elements

Just fill out the contact form below and we will get started on telling your story - I can't wait!

Creative Work

Social Media Manager

You hear it all the time. "They" say you have to post constantly, build you following, have unique content, interact, and so on. Well, my friend, they are right. The thing is YOU don't have to - I can do it FOR YOU :) I will manage your social media accounts so you can do what you do best - CREATE! Just shoot me a message below and we will find your voice.

Cute Girl

Not exactly sure...?

Are you not entirely sure what kind of help you need, you just know you need it? Let's talk it out! There is no need to struggle any longer than you have to - I am here for you!