The Lens We Look Through

Recently I moved into a new house (which I absolutely love!) Of course, everyone who came over wanted a tour - which literally takes one minute lol. What I found completely fascinating was how everyone viewed the house with different eyes. My friend who is a CFO was adding the numbers on the place (repairs, the projected electric bill, potential upgrades, etc.). He didn't see the charm of the house. My friend who is a Realtor came in and was looking at the bones of the house and how fast she would be able to sell it. I have a friend who refinishes furniture and I am pretty sure she didn't see anything but my furniture. I don't even think she saw the huge backyard. I guess it was a reminder that no one else sees the world the same way, or interprets the world the same way. We all have our own very different life experiences that allow us to look at the same thing and react differently. The image above might look very familiar to a musician but looked like architecture to me. Imagine my shock when I found out it was the inside of a guitar.

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