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The Breadcrumbs Are Everywhere... Are You Paying Attention?

I am sitting in a crowded pub across the pond feeling very out of place. Faceless among the crowd and weary from traveling. The cacophony of noise is overwhelming. Through the sounds, the universe sends me a breadcrumb. Overhead a very familiar and special song begins to play. A poignant reminder all is well in my world and this is just a moment in time that will soon pass.

When one starts to pay attention, there are so many breadcrumbs the universe leaves for you. It's the law of attraction confirming you are on the right track. Now I am not talking about the hocus-pocus stuff in The Secret where if you build a vision board you will win the lottery, have a huge house, ten exotic cars, and a jet. That doesn't work and we all know it. However, the core message of The Secret is some serious shit. When you want a change in your life, ask for it. Clearly and sincerely. Ask for the change every day. You will have to work for it too. The universe doesn't just drop things in your lap - we don't live in the Hunger Games where little parachutes of goodness fall from the sky. Life is a bitch, but if you are gentle with it, it will be gentle back. It will guide you and show you it's path for you with breadcrumbs. Some people won't notice these tokens, others will dismiss them as simple coincidences. Some of us will acknowledge them and know exactly what they are. Just don't forget to say thank you! Your mother taught you better.

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