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Save Your Cans!

Rather than actually prepping for the upcoming shows, I spent this past weekend working on a new projects. Wait. Let me clarify. Sunday was the Super Bowl (can I use that term in a blog post...?) so the day was spent at one of my best friend's house smoking ribs and enjoying the beautiful Austin weather. Saturday was my "work" day. It started off with a trip to JoAnn's for supplies. A couple hundred bucks later I was on my way back home with a bag full of little odds and ends that will eventually be worked up into some sort of masterpiece. Let me also share that I have a very close relationship with Amazon and they are constantly dropping office little packages at my front door with supplies (think Hunger Games here). The inspiration for Saturday's projects was wind chimes and outdoor mobiles. I have long wanted to work with cutting up aluminum cans and today was going to be the day. I have this idea for a wind chime that is made of hearts and all of the hearts will also make a heart. (Clear as mud, right?) I also want to make flower garland for the yard out of cans. I am still working on both projects, but here are some sneak peaks of the work. This also meant I called everyone I know that drinks craft beer (because they have really cool cans) and asked them to save all their cans for me.

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