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Merle Haggard:: Passion and Authenticity

I didn't know this until this year, but Merle and I share a birthday. In some way I feel like this gives me a little outlaw cred that I didn't know I had. I've always taken the road less traveled (didn't go to college, haven't gotten married, wickedly independent, etc.) so it wasn't too much of a surprise that one of the most infamous modern day outlaws and I shared a birthday. :)

I was recently on a work trip and found myself reading Rolling Stone issue covering the life of Merle. If you haven't read this issue, I suggest you do. It is rare that I laugh out loud and cry all within the same article. This article quickly brought to light that this man is way more than an outlaw. He was truly authentic. And through his authenticity, he was able to live his passion and his art. The creative muses spoke to him is a very clear way. He was bare and open. Receptive to the release they allowed him from his dark life. While his life was hard - no doubt - I am in complete awe of his authenticity. As I search for my passion and my my ability to be authentic, I can't help but wonder if my creative muses are unable to speak to me as clearly because I am covered and bound by expectations. And they are not necessarily expectations that I consciously place on myself, I am sure there are expectations and pressures that society, family, and friends are placing that neither them nor I realize are there. I try to not take life too terribly seriously. I often find myself laughing at myself - I really do a lot of dumb stuff that I can't help but find funny. I trust my instinct and don't stress over decisions. I wonder why my muses don't speak more clearly to me... I wonder what is blocking them from allowing me to life a life full of passion and authenticity...

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