• Kris

In Pursuit of My Happiness

I found this in a friend's blog post today:

"Don’t be afraid to step into the unknown. Listen closely to your intuition. Seek out things in life that make your heart happy, that makes your soul sing. There often isn’t one single path for this...Life is short. Do what fulfills you; even if it is a bit scary. Change keeps us on our toes, makes us feel alive, and allows us to always keep growing."

There have been many times in my life where I haven't pursued something that might make me happy because it has scared me. I am pretty sure that is human nature. I made a commitment to myself recently that I am no longer going to let that fear hold me back. That happiness is my ultimate goal - no matter what. I am not longer going to wait for X to happen before I can do Y, even though I know Y will make me happy. That is just fear disguising itself as an excuse.

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