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Easier said than done. A little less than a year ago, I was going through one of the darkest times of my life. People and circumstances had reduced my life to mere fragments of what I had once built. I’ve spent the past months slowly building my life back – block by block. Sometimes very, very small blocks, but blocks nonetheless. I’ve had moments of joy and my times of despair. Often it was a slow, steady movement forward – out of stubbornness because I knew I didn’t want to be in that hopeless place again. It has been a process of becoming increasingly self-aware…more authentic one might say. It took me awhile to realize these actions didn’t happen to me, they happened for me. See, had I not gone through those dark days, I would not have decided to spend my time chasing a more creative life (and I am so glad I did). I would not have found the courage to start KJS Made and eventually Buffalo Seven. I doubt I would have ever challenged myself to push my boundaries, quite literally, and move to a different town. Nor would I have learned to forgive those who hurt me. This was the hardest part. The biggest block I had to lift. I can honestly say, that with my complete heart, I fully forgive the people who caused the pain in my past. I didn’t say I’ve disregarded their actions. I’ve pardoned their actions. I no longer carry any anger, hate, disappointment, regret, frustration, resentment, or need for revenge. As the block of forgiveness is added to my life, a huge block is lifted off my shoulders. I find it easier to live the by the principles I run my business by, the first and primary one – love always.

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