Calling BS!

Ok, Kris here on another mini-rant...I am listening to this podcast on how to create a mindset shift to change your life blah blah blah. I try really hard to keep the TV off and podcasts on in the background to hopefully grab a nugget or two of valuable info. But this one I am calling BS on! The guest speaker giving is telling his story and here are the highlights:

  • brother was a 1st round draft pick for the patriots

  • he played for some other NFL team and Jerry Rice was his mentor

  • ended football career and moved to NYC to be a performer and Al Pachino was his mentor

Well no shit. My mindset would be hella different if that was my life. (Don't get me wrong, things are great over here.) He then goes into this whole bit about putting yourself out there because everyone wants to hear your story. I personally feel like oversharing is becoming a BIG issue. IDK y'all, I am just calling BS on this podcast. Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.

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