Welcome, y'all!

Full transparency here - the way people shop has changed. I came to the hard realization at the end of last year that my brick-and-mortar store was just not the right answer for right now. So I did what all entrepreneurs do, pivot.

I have scaled the store back to a small, curated online boutique store, and am going back to my first love - marketing.

I specifically want to help makers, creatives, artists, all the people who make things do what they love to do and still run a business selling their products. I am combining 20+ years of corporate marketing experience and 4+ years of running Buffalo Seven to do "marketing for makers." Not a creative, but still need some marketing help? I can still help you! Click here for more info

Got question? Just want to chat? Feel free to fill out the contact form - I miss you guys!

We Are Buffalo Seven

We are guided by seven principles
true to our buffalo spirit:

  • God first

  • Love always

  • Have a tough hide and be kind

  • Cherish wide open space & protect the land

  • Have a strong spirit and always extend grace

  • Roam wild & free, but always remember Texas is home

  • Enjoy the simple comforts

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