Sort, Shop, & Style

You know that what you wear is important, but you’re uninspired by what you see in your closet each day. You’re not sure what your personal style is anymore, or maybe you’re just in a bit of a rut. You have a few pieces you love, but you tend to always wear them the same way, and you have a nagging feeling you aren’t fully expressing your personality through your wardrobe. You want your clothes to reflect who you are now, but you struggle to find things that feel right or fit correctly when you shop. You want to try new things, but you’re worried of looking too young, too old, or as if you’re trying too hard. You just want to feel comfortable, confident, and stylish in what you’re wearing every single day.



We will first meet in your closet, where you’ll get a relaxed, in-depth wardrobe consultation. I will take a look at everything you have, and you will try things on so I can see how everything fits. I’ll help you determine what can be kept, altered, or donated. Through this process, I’ll build a shopping list for you and help you set some realistic style goals.


2 - 2.5 HOURS

Shopping is fun when you don’t really have to “shop!” I will pull pieces for you at the store that fit your budget and style, and you can just show up and try them on. You’ll purchase only the pieces that fit, flatter, and work with your pre-existing wardrobe. I’ll be there to offer objective opinions, support, and snacks.



We will meet back at your closet with your new purchases and I will help you create dozens of new outfits, using everything you have in your wardrobe. I will create outfits for each area of your life you need to dress for: work, play, social outings, date night, etc, so you feel 100% outfitted for real life.


You’ll receive a look book with your fully accessorized outfits for easy reference, plus I’ll create a personalized shop-able list for any items we didn’t have a chance to buy the first go-round. You’ll qualify for reduced rates for Seasonal Updates & ongoing support, and access to me for any emergency styling needs (suitcase prep, special event shopping trips, etc). What’s more, you will feel like a confident, more stylish version of yourself. Your clothing will fit, and you will know exactly what to wear and how to wear it. You can enter your closet and know that it’s only filled with things that look great on you, and you will know exactly who to call if you ever get stuck!


$825 or 3 payments of $275

(doesn’t include the price of your clothing purchases)

Add on an extra shopping session for $225